In an initiative led by our Department of New Technologies, we’ve reinforced our commitment to energy transition by becoming a member of the Hydrogen Valley of Catalonia. Another step toward consolidating our commitment to renewable hydrogen as a key energy vector for climate neutrality objectives. 

Abei Energy joining the Hydrogen Valley of Catalonia adds more than 230 public and private organizations. This multi-corporate initiative aims to consolidate an ecosystem around the hydrogen value chain in Catalonia. The region has a strong position to lead this objective as it is the most important petrochemical hub in southern Europe, with a high concentration of energy consumption and production. Located in a geostrategic point for the location of transport, import, and export infrastructures. 

As a member of this alliance of knowledge, science, and technology, Abei Energy, commits to sharing its knowledge and experiences with the rest of the members to promote the development of renewable hydrogen in the geographical area of influence. Going along with the strategic initiative works to consolidate an integrated ecosystem around the hydrogen value chain, a vital energy vector to achieve the goal of climate neutrality, in parallel to increasing business competitiveness and improving the welfare of people.